Sunday, 23 September 2012

Workwear: Red & Navy

Today's post is all about workwear. In particular we are focussing on red and navy items that are smart and suitable for us ladies who got out to work. Here we have a bright red pleated maxi skirt that has been paired with a navy blue ruffle blouse (I would tuck the blouse into the skirt so as to look smart). A blazer is a must to go with any work outfit style to create an overall "I'm off to work!" look. To finish off the outfit I have selected matching navy mid-heel court shoes, a designer leather belt and a red jersey hijab. 

Pleated and ruffle blouse ~ ASOS ~ £32.00
Pleated maxi skirt ~ Rare London ~ £46.00
Ruched Jacket ~ Topshop ~ £46.00
Two tone high waisted belt ~ ~ £99.00
Pointed court shoes ~ Dorothy Perkins ~ £22.00
Jersey hijab ~ ~ £12.95

Monday, 17 September 2012

Arabian Princess wedding guest/special occasion inspiration

Below I have compiled together an arabian inspired wedding guest/special occasion outfit. I have kept the outfit simple by just teaming up the gorgeous royal blue coloured dress with silver accessories and jewellery to match the silver jewelled waist belt on the dress. The dress is a little pricey but I guess it doesn't hurt once in a while to splash out and treat yourself to simple luxury! I have teamed the dress with a royal blue turtle neck top to cover the arms, neck and back areas, and selected a royal blue chiffon hijab to match the chiffon dress (and I would keep the hijab style simple by just wrapping the hijab around once). Then I would add the finishing touches by fixing the silver head chain on top of the hijab, wearing a Swarovski crystal hand jewellery set, and dig out some silver diamanté killer heels and a silver crystal clutch bag.  

Jovani 4699 Dress ~ ~ £462.60
Turtle neck top ~ Ebay ~ £4.79
Olga Berg Silver & Ivory Floral Crystal Clutch ~ ~ £44.50
Royal Blue Chiffon Scarf ~ ~ £3.19
Silver plated Bridal scarf chain ~ Islamic Jewels ~ £9.84
Kavita Hand Jewellery ~ ~ £32.00

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hijab tutorial - fancy and elegant

A stylish and gorgeous hijab tutorial by Naffi09. I love this style because it is not too difficult to achieve and it looks super elegant and chic. This style is great for special occasions or even can be used as an everyday style if you have some spare time on your hands to do it! 

A teeny weeny request! :)

Salam sisters! I hope you are all doing fine inshAllah. I have a little request for anyone who may be reading my blog and for any potential future readers! Pleaseeeee pleaseee pleaseeeeeeee leave me some comments and tell me what your thoughts are on the posts I have done so far. Please tell me what you like or don't like and what kind of posts you would like to see. It would be very much appreciated. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Plain maxi skirts

Plain maxi skirts are ideal and should be an essential in every hijabis wardrobe. Plain coloured maxi skirts are ideal as they will go with any suitably matched patterned or plain coloured blouse or top to create an instant elegant and sophisticated look. Here are a few I have found in high street shops and online:

From left to right:

Pink maxi belted skirt with pocket ~ ~ £7.00
Chiffon maxi skirt ~ Ebay ~ £5.59
18 And East Womens Blue Maxi Skirt ~ ~ £19.50
High Waist Pleat Maxi Skirt ~ Topshop ~ £30.00

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Turtleneck tops

Turtleneck tops are an essential in every hijabi's wardrobe; especially if you are wearing a hijab style which leaves the neck uncovered. I personally don't believe in paying above £10 for a plain turtleneck top because you can get some really good quality one's for less than £10 and whenever I wear a turtleneck top you hardly see that much of it as I layer a short-sleeved dress or top over it. So in my view paying too much for one just seems pointless! I have searched many websites and high street stores for turtleneck tops and all in all I have found Ebay to be the best place to buy them as you can find some great quality ones on there for as little as £5.98 including the postage cost. 

Below are a few Ebay shops where you can purchase turtlenecks from at great prices and next to each shop name I have put the price each shop sells their turtlenecks at:

Fashionaddict811 ~ £3.99
Exciteclothing ~ £3.99
Omg-fashion ~ £4.99
Leggingsworld*2010 ~ £4.79

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cool coats!

It's still not cold enough outside yet to start wrapping up in those cosy and warm winter coats, however, autumn is soon creeping upon us and is starting to feel too chilly to go outside without any coat on at all. So below I have grouped together some of my top high street and online finds that would be perfect to wear now before the freezing cold UK weather hits us! As you may notice I have mostly chosen the stone coloured macs because I believe this colour will go with any colour clothing you wish to wear underneath the coat. 

From top left to right, then bottom left to bottom right:

Ghost Alma Crepe Winter Coat ~ John Lewis ~ £79.00
Stone Frill Front Mac Coat ~ Miss Selfridge ~ £65.00
Myleene Klass Leopard Trim Trench Coat ~ ~ £79.00
Bryony Mac ~ Hobbs ~ £74.00
Together Trench Coat ~ ~ £59.00